About Cofactor

Cofactor is an information technology company incorporated under the laws of New Zealand.

The charitable arm of Cofactor, Cofactor Foundation awards grants to nonprofits that use technology and data in innovative ways.

With Cofactor Foundation, we seek to lower language barriers and raise awareness of the importance of language which will help eradicate discrimination based on language and promote mutual respect.

We empower the communities to share their language knowledge and learn from language experts by supporting the underlying technological infrastructure.

With our commercial Web function solutions, we empower the software engineering community to become truly agile by facilitating development experience. With the help of Web functions, development teams can assemble the ultimate solutions that drive success.

Web functions are designed in a way that encourages you to experiment and allows you to build more profitable solutions. Effortless integrations between Cofactor and existing systems gives you an opportunity to use them anywhere. As a result, you can start testing and continuously optimizing to improve the business impact of your digital products.

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