Cognitive Project Management for AI


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Cognitive Project Management for AI

Cognitive Project Management for AI
SpellingCognitive Project Management for AI
Pronunciation[Cognitive Project Management for AI]


To that end, there are approaches and methodologies that fill in these gaps with an AI-centric approach. Methodologies such as Cognitive Project Management for AI (CPMAI) made specific enhancements to the methodology to meet AI-specific requirements, especially as they pertain to the above requirements, and as they can be implemented in organizations with already-running Agile teams and already-running data organizations. Introducing something new and foreign is a sure way to get resistance. So the key is to provide a blended approach that simultaneously delivers the expected results to the organization and provides a framework for continued iterative development at the lowest risk possible. Because at the end of the day successfully running and managing an AI project is everyone’s goal.

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