Average amino acid identity


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We report here the novel species to encompass the isolate A649T (=CBAS 716T = CBRVS P1061T) obtained from viscera of the healthy pufferfish Sphoeroides spengleri (Family Tetraodontidae). Genomic taxonomy analysis demonstrates that the novel strain A649T had < 95% average amino acid identity/average nucleotide identity (AAI/ANI) and < 70% similarity of genome-to-genome distance (GGDH) towards its closest neighbors which places A649T into a new Enterovibrio species (Enterovibrio baiacu sp nov.). In silico phenotyping disclosed several features that may be used to differentiate related Enterovibrio species. The nearly complete genome assembly of strain A649T consisted of 5.4 Mbp and 4826 coding genes.

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