Anthony Healy

Former CEO of the Bank of New Zealand


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Anthony Healy

Anthony Healy
SpellingAnthony Healy
Pronunciation[Anthony Healy]


Current BNZ chief executive Anthony Healy has been promoted to chief customer officer - business and private banking and will return to Australia.

The other candidate is Anthony Healy, previously the head of BNZ, who returned to run NAB's business bank in January last year. Interestingly, Mentis and Healy were the NAB's third and fourth-highest paid executives in 2018 (after Thorburn and NAB's chief technology officer Patrick Wright), pocketing $3.01 million and $2.95 million respectively.

Mr Baird, who runs NAB's consumer banking business, had been seen as one of a group of potential candidates to replace Mr Thorburn. Among other possible contenders are NAB executives Anthony Healy and Angela Mentis, Medibank chief Craig Drummond, and former Royal Bank of Scotland chief Ross McEwan.

Her move to head the BNZ has seen her switch jobs with former BNZ chief Anthony Healy and become the first woman chief executive for the bank.

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