Emily Leproust


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Emily Leproust

Emily Leproust
SpellingEmily Leproust
Pronunciation[Emily Leproust]


Agilent had sued Twist, CEO and Cofounder Emily Leproust, and several other individuals in 2016 in Santa Clara (California) Superior Court, alleging theft of trade secrets related to DNA oligonucleotide synthesis. Last week, the firms announced a settlement where Twist would make a one-time payment to Agilent of $22.5 million in exchange for full relief of the claims, with no admission of liability or wrongdoing by Twist.

Agilent launched an all-out legal assault on Twist and in the end, we not only survived, we thrived through the attack,” said Leproust in a press release. “We are pleased with the outcome and believe this settlement removes both the uncertainty and legal expense associated with any trial, and is in the best interest of all of our stakeholders.”

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