Identity in Cofactor Ora

Human languages are full of names that are pronounced differently depending on which things they are used to refer to. For example, "Houston", the name of the city in Texas, is pronounced /ˈhjuːstən/ (rhymes with "hue"), while "Houston" in the name of Houston Street in New York is pronounced /ˈhaʊstən/ (rhymes with "how"). Because of this, a dictionary that records the pronunciation of words but does not list their meaning is incomplete and can be misleading.

The Cofactor Ora dictionary is based on Cofactor Meta—Cofactor's identity provider that keeps track of entities by their identifiers and not their names and therefore never confuses entities with the same name. This allows Ora to record names of each city, street, or person that have "Houston" in them and capture any subtle yet crucial differences in how they are pronounced.

When you sign up for a Cofactor account, a page about you is created in Cofactor Ora that you can use to record and share your preferred name pronunciation.

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