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Data Scientist

Data Scientist
SpellingData Scientist
Pronunciation[Data Scientist]


The data science team builds really cool stuff that never gets used. There’s no buy-in from the rest of the organization for what they’re working on, and some of the data scientists don’t have a good sense of what can realistically be put into production.

What makes things more complex is the fact that the roles in the organization between the application-focused Agile groups and the data-focused methodologies groups are not the same. While frequently the project manager is the center of the Agile universe, connecting the sides of business and technology development, the data organization is the center of the data methodology universe, connecting the roles of data scientists, data engineer, business analyst, data analyst, and the line of business. Frequently the language of communication is not the same, with Agile sprints focused on functions and features, and data “sprints” focused on data sources, data cleansing, and data models. Clearly the two parts of the organization serve the same overall master so we need to combine these two approaches into a cohesive whole that provides organizations the power they need to deliver AI projects reliably.

Founded by Nick Greenfield, a former data scientist, and Nik Krumm, who has a PhD in Genome Sciences from the University of Washington, One Codex is a service platform for genomics driven by the genomic sequencing revolution.

Tom Lintern, chief data scientist at, said there was evidence that houses in the area were selling for more than their CVs.

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