Pronunciation of the names of npm CLI commands
Pronunciation of the names of npm CLI commands
npm adduser[npm adduser]
npm audit[npm audit]
npm bin[npm bin]
npm bugs[npm bugs]
npm build[npm build]
npm ci[npm ci]
npm completion[npm completion]
npm dedupe[npm dedupe]
npm deprecate[npm deprecate]
npm docs[npm docs]
npm doctor[npm doctor]
npm edit[npm edit]
npm explore[npm explore]
npm help-search[npm help-search]
npm help[npm help]
npm init[npm init]
npm install-ci-test[npm install-ci-test]
npm install-test[npm install-test]
npm install[npm install]
npm link[npm link]
npm logout[npm logout]
npm ls[npm ls]
npm outdated[npm outdated]
npm pack[npm pack]
npm ping[npm ping]
npm prefix[npm prefix]
npm prune[npm prune]
npm publish[npm publish]
npm rebuild[npm rebuild]
npm repo[npm repo]
npm restart[npm restart]
npm root[npm root]
npm run-script[npm run-script]
npm search[npm search]
npm shrinkwrap[npm shrinkwrap]
npm star[npm star]
npm stars[npm stars]
npm start[npm start]
npm stop[npm stop]
npm test[npm test]
npm uninstall[npm uninstall]
npm unpublish[npm unpublish]
npm update[npm update]
npm version[npm version]
npm view[npm view]
npm whoami[npm whoami]
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