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The importance of your identity

Like most people, you probably have multiple social media accounts and blogs, all spread across multiple networks and blogging platforms. The content that you produce often ends up siloed on those different sites which makes it hard for others to understand what the best way to follow or contact you is. This gets more complicated if someone else with the name similar to yours sets up a profile elsewhere and it gets mistaken for yours.

Nym's solution

Cofactor Nym allows you to put all your social identities together on a single "business card", leaving out "fake" accounts and profiles that you no longer maintain. This way everyone who wants to connect with you can get an up-to-date picture of where you can be found online.

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Sequence Logo is an online tool for creating sequence logos. Paste your multiple sequence alignment and the sequence logo is generated automatically. Use Sequence Logo to easily create vector sequence logo graphs.

Please refer to the Sequence Logo manual for the sequence logo parameters and configuration. Sequence Logo supports multiple color schemes and download formats.

Sequence Logo is sequence logo generator. Sequence logos visualize protein and nucleic acid motifs and patterns identified through multiple sequence alignment.

Te Reo Maps is an online interactive Maori mapping service. All labels in Te Reo Maps are in Maori, making it the first interactive Maori map. Te Reo Maps is the world map, with all countries and territories translated into Maori.

Please refer to the list of countries in Maori for the Maori translations of country names. The list includes all UN members and sovereign territories.