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"What's in a name?" asked Shakespeare's Juliet. The answer: a lot of rich data in need of structure and new properties.

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The Cofactor Knowledge Base is built from a number of layers, each storing facts from a specific domain of knowledge.

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Service workers
Dec 9, 2018
Front end

Service workers allow developers to build web applications that can run offline and support push messaging and background data synchronization. A service worker is a script context that acts as a target for the fetch, sync, push, and other functional events ... Read more

Meta tags for social media optimization
Dec 1, 2018
Semantic web

Meta tags help increase engagement with social link shares and boost website traffic. They are key to the success of content marketing on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google+, and other social media platforms ... Read more

Cofactor My Name
Nov 12, 2018

With Cofactor My Name, you can record the correct version of your name and present it to the world ... Read more

The IPA map of the world
Oct 18, 2018

Based on the English pronunciation data already present in Ora, we are able to build this phonetic (IPA) map of the world ... Read more

Pronunciation in science: the case of biology
Oct 10, 2018
Pronunciation case by case

Each species of organisms has a standard Latin name. There are no hard and fast pronunciation rules for taxonomic names in English ... Read more

Learn about structured data

The Cofactor Knowledge Base is built from a number of layers, each contributing facts from an individual domain of knowledge. Cofactor Ora is concerned with the pronunciation of entity names. Cofactor Nym deals with identifying the social profile pages for entities.

Items in the Cofactor Knowledge Base are uniquely identified by a /m/, /g/, or /c/ followed by 3–8 characters, such as Lady Gaga (/m/0478__m).

Statements about items belong to individual layers, either Ora or Nym, and describe detailed characteristics of an item. For a movie, you can use Ora to add a statement specifying how its name is pronounced in any language. For a person or organization, you can use Nym to add their social profiles.

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