Cofactor record management

Managed Cofactor records

When you sign up for a Cofactor account, a record defining you as a person is created in Cofactor. You automatically become the manager of that record and the only person who can edit its information in the Cofactor Knowledge Base (such as record your name pronunciation in Cofactor Ora or add social media profile links in Cofactor Nym).

Managed Cofactor records are marked with the black lock icon. The lock appears next to the names of such records.

If you see the green badge next to the lock icon, this means that the manager of the record has been verified as the person defined by that record.

Unmanaged records

The Cofactor record registry is constantly updated using our algorithms to include new records for well-known topics mentioned on the web such as notable people, place names, businesses and so on, e.g. Taylor Swift, Houston Street, Google. The new Cofactor records that we create using this method are not managed at the time of creation.

Unmanaged Cofactor records are marked with the gray open lock icon. Anyone can change their information in the Cofactor Knowledge Base such as record their name pronunciation in Cofactor Ora or add social media profile links in Cofactor Nym.

You can claim any unmanaged record to become the only person who can make changes to the information about that record in the Cofactor Knowledge Base.

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